Monday, August 26, 2013

The world would be a better place if it were more like Animal Crossing

Here's why. And don't you dare judge me.

10. Renewable resources
You can fish all day without a license. You can catch rare butterflies without the fear of airport security hunting you down when you try to smuggle them out of the country. Rare fossils can be found every day. Guess who doesn't care that you just caught a half dozen whale sharks? The DFO. 

9. Your pockets are freaking amazing
This is the 27th one today.
Fish and bugs can live harmoniously in your pocket without being crushed or killed, even when buried under 4 furniture items. You can store an entire week's worth of clothing. In your pockets. 

8. Storing furniture in handy leaflets
There would be a lot more trips to IKEA in my future, let me tell you. 

7. Everybody gets a mansion
It's like The Invention of Lying, only true.

6. You can choose your neighbours
Don't like one of your animal friend townies? Kick em out! Fascist.

5. Gardening is stupid easy
You can seriously grow a fruit tree in like 3 days. And then you can chop it down and grow another one in another 3 days. Also, these trees bear fruit every three days. Who needs seasons when you can grow fruit all the time?! Solving world hunger faster than you can count to 72.

4. Your tropical island destination is just a song away

3. Make your first million in a day
Go to the island. Catch beetles. Return to land to sell. Repeat ad nauseum.

2. Get your furniture upholstered in 30 minutes
or your Bells back. Seriously though I'd get my furniture re-done every single day if it was as cheap and quick as Cyrus does it. Also if I could store it in a handy leaflet. (See point 8.)

1. Money grows on trees
No, really.

Sweet, sweet Bells.
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