Sunday, April 21, 2013


It's 8 PM. The light has just started to slip down the horizon, painting the sky in dark purple and blue. The weather is still mild enough that you can sit outside without a jacket on. The birds are singing happily in the trees, even though the sun is setting.The air smells fresh and verdant. And faintly of dog dung.

This long, heavy winter has finally succumbed to spring.

 Every winter I fall into a funk that's pretty difficult to bounce back from, and it doesn't seem to get any better until late March at the very earliest. This year, I almost made a very big life change during the winter, and came out of it at the very last minute in the final days of March. It was that moment that I awakened and spring truly seemed to be in fruition.

If there's anything I learned from it, it's not to make any decisions when stuck in a funk, or in winter at all. It gave me a different perspective, but the moment I emerged from the funk, I changed my mind.

When I made my final decision, it was as though the final clouds had dissipated and the flowers had begun to bloom.

With the lengthening of the days and the warmer sun comes longer hours of consciousness and awareness. Perhaps now that we're all becoming aware again, the days will seem more inspiring and revealing for us all.

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